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phone: 201-692-7275
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The University Webmaster position reports to the Associate Vice President of Communications and Marketing. I'm FDU's first Webmaster and have been at FDU since 1997.

Either here or in the Contents, you might list current assignments or textbook chapters for each of several courses or sections.

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William R. Kennedy

University Webmaster

This block (the content) is for the main information you want your web page to convey. Some information that personalizes your page and gives the reader an idea what your life outside of FDU is like would be valuable.

In the Links below, you can direct the reader to web pages you find particularly valuable. Or if you have already created web pages elsewhere, you could use the Links to point to those existing pages.

Note that the images in the Gallery have links associated with them, so if you show the 'logo' for your department, you don't have to spend a link on the department; the image will make it possible for the reader to jump to the department's web pages.

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FDU's Web Skills Certification Course
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Ways to build a personal web page

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