“Jumpstarting the New Green Economy” Conference to Honor Leading Contributors and Companies for Achievements in Sustainability

MADISON, N.J. (MAY 13, 2009) — "Jumpstarting the New Green Economy" Conference organizers will be recognizing New Jersey’s leading contributors and companies for “best business practices in sustainability” at the May 20 Conference Awards Dinner on the Madison campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU). Developed as a collaboration between FDU’s Institute for Sustainable Enterprise and the Morris County Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the program selected this year’s honorees based on their ability to achieve sustainability goals while increasing long-term stakeholder value by integrating economic, environmental and social opportunities into their strategies.

This year’s individual “Exceptional Achievement” Awardees include:
•    Knute Jensen, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
•    Phil LaRocco, E+Co
•    Randall E. Solomon, Sustainable Jersey

This year’s organizational “Sustainable Enterprise Awards” will be given to:
•    Alcoa Howmet
•    BASF
•    Lighting Science Group Corporation

“These individuals and organizations have deeply integrated sustainability into their core strategies and practices,” said Jeana Wirtenberg, co-founder of FDU’s Institute for Sustainable Enterprise. “Their work reflects the highest levels of leadership commitment and overall excellence in sustainability management resulting in real-world progress.”

About this year’s individual honorees:

Knute Jensen, Manager, Bureau of Enforcement & Compliance Services, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP)
Knute Jensen spearheaded the development of the NJ DEP’s highly successful Environmental Stewardship Initiative. Begun in January 2008, the initiative created an opportunity to be "caught" doing something positive for the environment while increasing awareness and knowledge of stewardship practices leading to sustainability.

Phil LaRocco, President and CEO, E+Co, (www.eandco.net),
For the past 15 years, Phil LaRocco’s organization has been assisting entrepreneurs in developing nations to create clean energy businesses that have a positive social and environmental impact while generating financial returns. E+Co not only invests capital but also the tools and business know-how to make clean energy businesses successful.  With projects in 28 developing countries, E+Co's innovative business model provides lasting solutions to address climate change and poverty.

Randall E. Solomon, Director, New Jersey Sustainable State Institute (NJSSI)
Randy Solomon launched Sustainable Jersey in February 2009. This statewide, community based sustainability program has already been adopted by over 170 towns and municipalities in New Jersey. The program is a certification and incentive program for municipalities that want to go green, save money, and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term. The program designates actions that municipalities can implement to address issues such as global warming, pollution, biodiversity, local economies, green building, and sustainable agriculture.

About this year’s organizational honorees:

Alcoa Howmet, manufacturer of components for the jet aircraft, gas turbine and other advanced-technology industries
For Alcoa Howmet, sustainability is a core value that has been woven into the fabric of everything they do – capital improvements, business improvements, financial improvements and other operational practices. The company is committed to going beyond “compliance.” Areas where Alcoa made progress in sustainability in 2008 include:
•    Achieved a 36% greenhouse gas emissions reduction from a 1990 base year
•    Reduced landfill waste by 52% below the 2000 base year
•    Implemented community programs at 90% of its worldwide operating locations
•    Invested more than $50.6 million in communities worldwide in 2008
•    Secured the participation of 24% of its employees in community service projects

BASF, the world’s largest chemical company
BASF embraces sustainable development as a core strategic guideline as it looks to balance economic growth, environmental protection and social responsibility. The company’s objective is to share knowledge in the areas of environment, health, safety, and sustainability management, in order to help its customers and partners to be more successful. Some of BASF’s notable sustainability achievements include:
•    Constructed the BASF Near-Zero Energy Home in Paterson, N.J., that demonstrates innovative technologies for promoting energy efficiency and ecological benefits in new housing. BASF then donated the home to a local, non-profit charitable organization
•    Conducted over 500 onsite visits to assess suppliers on environmental protection, occupational safety and social responsibility standards
•    Conducted mandatory compliance training of over 26,000 employees in which they are introduced to BASF’s sustainability values
•    Implemented 196 sustainability projects with its customers aimed at expanding and strengthening customer relationships through sustainability via its “Success – Added Value through Sustainability” initiative
•    Utilized Eco-Efficiency Analysis as an instrument for product and process optimization, providing information on the relationship between the financial value of a product and its impact on the environment

Lighting Science Group Corporation, provider of new LED lighting solutions
Lighting Science Group is pioneering new lighting technologies in the state where, 130 years ago, the incandescent light bulb was born. The company’s work focuses on new Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting that uses 84 percent less energy than the standard incandescent lamp, lasts longer and requires less recycling than conventional light sources. LEDs do not contain mercury or other hazardous materials as compact fluorescent bulbs do so they can be handled and disposed of safely.

Some of Lighting Science Group’s innovative work includes:

•    2009 Times Square New Year's Eve Ball
LSGC designed, developed and produced an integrated lighting system for the 2009 Time Square New Year's Eve Ball. Using 32,256 LEDs capable of producing 4.3 billion possible color combinations, the ball is three times brighter and 20% more energy efficient than last year's already energy-efficient Ball.
•    Seven World Trade Center
The newest architectural wonder at Seven World Trade Center will be a multistory wall of LED light that responds interactively to the motion of each passerby resulting in a kinetic work of art. As people wander the pavement in front of the building a camera system interprets their movements and changes the LEDs accordingly.
•    Tufts University Dowling Parking Garage
LSG assisted Tufts University in Boston in "going green" by converting from metal halide fixtures to LEDs in their Dowling Parking Garage. The total project will reduce energy demand by 56 percent without compromising light levels. Energy and maintenance savings will total over $27K with a three-year payback. The upgrade will reduce CO2 emissions by an estimated 38 tons per year.

About Jumpstarting the New Green Economy:

2009 Green Ventures Conference

Hosted by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Sustainable Business Incubator, in association with NJIT and the Morris County Chapter of SHRM, the second annual Green Venture Conference, “Jumpstarting the New Green Economy,” will be held from May 19-21 at FDU’s College at Florham, 285 Madison Ave., Madison N.J., 07940. The conference features national sustainability experts along with more than 20 panels on green entrepreneurship, corporate sustainability, government programs and policies. Conference attendees will also be able to participate in “Action Learning Workshops” that address today’s most pressing topics related to sustainable businesses. In addition to the extensive panel programming, attendees will be able to interact with dozens of exhibitors, participate in a green job seeker networking event and celebrate the achievements of New Jersey’s sustainability leaders at the conference awards dinner.

Full conference access is $295 in advance or $325 at the door. Significant discounts are available for students, those in transition, and members of government, academic, or nonprofit organizations. May 21 networking events are free and open to the public. To learn about sponsorship opportunities and exhibitor space, call (908) 306-9075, or e-mail jcloud@fdu.edu. Visit www.jumpstartgreen.org for the full schedule and to register.

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