Ellen Spaldo Honored with NJEDge.Net Recognition Award

Teaneck, NJ (December 2, 2008) — Ellen Spaldo, assistant professor of English and director of writing, Metropolitan Campus, has received the first NJEDge.Net Recognition Award.

The award was presented at the 5th Annual Technology in Education Conference in Plainsboro, NJ, on November 20, 2008. The award notes that Spaldo designed and implemented faculty and staff development programs in the field of distance learning, trained hundreds of college, university, and high school instructors and administrators throughout New Jersey and in other states.

Ellen Spaldo works closely with NJEDge.Net. She is a vibrant member of the EDge.Networks, the activity groups sponsored by the consortium, and provides leadership in the discussion of pedagogy and teaching with technology. Spaldo brings both energy and scholarly expertise in building community among faculty within New Jersey’s Higher Education community.

She served with distinction as Chair of the NJEDge.Net Distance Learning Academic Advisory Board and the Collaborative Faculty Development Initiative. Spaldo’s efforts enhanced collaboration and valued interaction among faculty developing distance education programs at New Jersey’s Colleges and Universities. Her  exemplary service has helped shape the landscape of distance education in the state.

NJEDge.Net recognized and commended Ellen Spaldo for her unique contribution to the NJEDge.Net mission. The Board also thanked her for her unique leadership in helping to build, sustain and contribute to the effectiveness and vitality of NJEDge.Net, the higher education network of New Jersey.

Spaldo said, “Through NJEDge.Net, I have had the opportunity to work with faculty, administrators, and staff from higher education institutions throughout the state – dedicated individuals who relish innovation and who are continuously thinking in new ways, using new tools and strategies to enhance teaching and learning. This work, in itself, has been a privilege!”

About NJEDge.Net

NJEDge.Net (www.njedge.net) is a non-profit technology consortium of academic and research institutions in New Jersey. Though its deployment of advanced Internet technologies and digital communication, NJEDge.Net supports its members in their institutional teaching and learning; scholarship; research and development; outreach programs; public service, and economic development. In providing broadband statewide network, NJEDge.Net creates an environment for interoperability to facilitate productive use of technology across the academic enterprise. NJEDge.Net introduces emerging technologies and state-of-the-art networking to its partners in academia, government and industry for inter-institutional collaboration, scholarship and research.

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