New Book Explores World Citizenship

Teaneck, NJ (February 15, 2006) — “Coming of Age in a Globalized World: The Next Generation,” written by Fairleigh Dickinson University President J. Michael Adams and Angelo Carfagna, the University’s director of communications, was published in February, 2006, by Kumarian Press, Bloomfield, Ct.

The book explores the connections created by globalization and examines the case for world citizenship. The authors describe opportunities for acting as world citizens.

Adams points out that each day our world is more complicated and interconnected. The problems go beyond national or cultural boundaries, and if we are to survive and succeed, individuals must understand the forces of globalization and the trends that will shape our future.

He said, “We wrote this book because we wanted to explain what globalization means and how it impacts everyone. We see changes all around us but how should we react? The answer comes down to adopting a global perspective — thinking and acting like a world citizen.” Adams added that the book provides an important resource for college students and all looking to understand globalization and succeed in the global age.

Employing an easily understood ‘connect-the-dots’ metaphor, “Coming of Age in a Globalized World: The Next Generation” navigates the threads that surround and link humanity. Exploring the notion of an interrelated world, Adams and Carfagna stress the importance of world citizenship as they seek to reconcile the contrast between national bonds and global interests. They provide a comprehensive landscape of current issues and conflicts in global politics as they challenge the next generation to shape viable answers to the impending global issues.

John Brademas, president emeritus of New York University and former member of the U.S. House of Representatives, said, “This thoughtful and lively book offers documentation and analysis to help us understand the proliferation of changes and connections throughout the world. Adams and Carfagna masterfully make clear the imperative of overcoming ignorance of the cultures, histories and languages of other societies. Globalization, they assert, means education!”

Carfagna said that the book “provided a wonderful opportunity to research and write about important global issues that directly connect to the mission of the University.”

He added, “This book is filled with information that may better explain our interconnected world. This book may also contain some inspiration to start on the road toward embracing the concept of world citizenship. But mostly this book is filled with hope that the next generation will help us overcome the problems that plague us and fulfill the promise of the future.”

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