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David Miles Receives Pillar Award

Teaneck, NJ, Sept. 29, 2003—David Miles, a Bergenfield, NJ, resident, has received a Pillar of Fairleigh Dickinson University Award for his role in making the university’s Metropolitan campus one of the safest in New Jersey.

Mr. Miles joined Fairleigh Dickinson in 1980 as deputy director of security. Now, as director of public safety for the Metropolitan Campus in Teaneck, he is the person most responsible for order and safety on campus.

“You react to each emergency with reassuring calmness and unflinching determination,” said Metropolitan Campus provost Joseph Kiernan in presenting the award. “You possess the incomparable ability to soothe with understanding, to bond through empathy, and to respond with comfort to each dispatch.”

Mr. Miles has been personally responsible for numerous innovations that make students feel more secure. These include evening cruiser patrols, a computerized guard tour system, emergency telephones, a comprehensive fire drill protocol, a computerized video ID system, and a system for informing parents when students are taken off campus by safety or medical personnel. This year, he petitioned for and installed a camera system for residence halls that has significantly reduced crime and disturbances. He also participated in the creation of a Threat Assessment Task Force to identify and quell violence before it occurs. In 1996, Mr. Miles won an award for innovative crime prevention programs from the northeast College and University Security Association. He is liaison to the Township of Teaneck Emergency Management Team and chairs the Campus Emergency Management Team.

The Pillar Award is given annually to recognize exceptional individuals within the university who, over time, have made extraordinary contributions to the character and quality of the institution, its community and culture.

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