Bradley Levy Honored with Pillar Award

Madison, N.J. (September 11, 2008) – Bradley “Brad” Levy of Fair Lawn, was honored by Fairleigh Dickinson University as a “Pillar” of the campus community at FDU’s Academic Convocation, held on FDU’s College at Florham on September 10, 2008.

He is Associate Director of the Educational Opportunity Fund on FDU’s College at Florham, in Madison, N.J. Levy works on one-on-one counseling with individual students, and represents their interests in various pursuits and committees.

The Pillar Award recognizes exceptional individuals within the University, who, over time have made extraordinary contributions to the character and quality of the institution, its community, and its cultures.

“Fairleigh Dickinson University has enjoyed a tradition of providing access and opportunity for students filled with desire but lacking advantage. The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF), with its valuable support programs, has a special place at FDU,” said Provost Kenneth Greene, reading from the citation.

“Your leadership and dedication have defined the program and motivated so many students to achieve what they themselves didn’t think possible. Through your efforts the notion of global education is well integrated in the EOF program, and you urge students to embrace the responsibility necessary to become successful professionals and conscientious world citizens.”

Levy has secured a Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation grant which funds a summer program for high school students from disadvantaged districts to explore life at the college level.

Levy has been with the University for nearly three decades. After his undergraduate degree in psychology and fine arts, he earned an M.B.A. in accounting and taxation from the University. He is a graduate of Fair Lawn High School, where he currently resides.

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