Free 10-week leadership course for Hackensack Residents sponsored by Johnson Public Library and Fairleigh Dickinson University to start April 5, 2012.

Teaneck, NJ (March 13, 2012) Hackensack residents are encouraged to enroll in “Leadership Hackensack,” a free a leadership development course for Hackensack residents sponsored by the City of Hackensack, the Johnson Public Library, and Fairleigh Dickinson University. The program is designed to inform the residents of Hackensack about the structure and function of government, public policy issues and leadership development. Classes are from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Thursdays in the Johnson Public Library Auditorium, 274 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ metered street parking free after 6 p.m. 

Ronald Calissi, Executive Associate Dean at Fairleigh Dickinson University, will be organizing the portion of the course provided by FDU.  Every Thursday, a different instructor will volunteer one evening of their time to share their field of expertise with the residents. 

Three former Directors of the Bergen County Department of Human Services will be offering instruction.  Gina Plotino on Team Building, Joseph Rutch on Community Development, and Deborah Fredericks, Ph.D, on Relational Leadership. William “Pat” Schuber, former Bergen County Executive and Assistant Professor at FDU will lecture on public policy and politics; and Ron Calissi will present a lecture on Optimum Leadership 

During the course, residents will learn about the city’s history, form of government and the many issues that confront local government officials.  The mayor, city manager and other city officials, including representatives from the Hackensack Board of Education, and instructors from Fairleigh Dickinson University will be presenting on a wide range of pertinent topics. The course is well rounded and covers the essential elements of government and how it works, leadership training, and what the laws and rules are that pertain to all levels of local government, public policy issues, community development, education, etc. 

For more information, please call or write to Sharon Castanteen, Director of the

Johnson Public Library, 201-343-4169, ext. 24,

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