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Wroxton College

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Law Enforcement Executives to Study in England

One-Week Program at Wroxton

Teaneck, NJ (October 1, 2001)óIn partnership with the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police, Fairleigh Dickinsonís Public Administration Institute of the New College will conduct a one-week program entitled "Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Seminar," from Saturday, December 1 through Friday, December 7 of this year.

This educational one-week program will be held at Wroxton College, the Fairleigh Dickinson- owned campus located in the village of Wroxton in Oxfordshire, England. Law enforcement executives from New Jersey and around the nation will participate, and will learn from top criminal justice leaders in Great Britain and the United States on the new and complex challenges facing the law enforcement community worldwide.

Subjects to be covered will include multi-jurisdictional police forces Ė Europol and Interpol, policing in a multi-racial society, riot and public order, leadership and community policing, forensics and crime scene investigations, combating drugs, terrorism and its global impact, and combating chemical and biological warfare.

The origins and development of police forces in Britain and through Europe, as well as British government and politics, will also be covered. Top leaders in the criminal justice system, and public officials from Great Britain and the United States will share their knowledge about insuring order and world peace through a collaborative effort of all available resources.

During their stay, participants will visit London, Stratford-upon-Avon and Oxford and may bring a spouse or companion to accompany them during this informative learning experience.

This seminar may be taken for graduate or undergraduate credit toward FDUís Master of Administrative Science of Bachelor of Arts of Individualized Studies Programs. For information on tuition, travel arrangements, room and board and to reserve a slot in this informative seminar, call Ronald E. Calissi, Esq., Executive Associate Dean for Off-Campus Credit Programs at (201) 692-7172 or Chief Vern Henderson, President, New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police at (732)-449-6195.

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