Fairleigh Dickinson University Students Travel to Study in Japan

Madison, NJ (June 14, 2006) — Twenty-two Fairleigh Dickinson University Students traveled to Japan and toured the country for two weeks to study its history and culture.

Peter Woolley, Professor of Political Science and Director of the PublicMind, led the trip. An expert on Japanese politics, Woolley is also the author of “Geography and Japan's Strategic Choice's" published last year by Potomac books.

Students traveled throughout the country, visiting temples, museums, and natural destinations. They went to the Peace Park in Hiroshima, explored several days in the ancient capital of Kyoto, went to Mount Fuji, ferried to a Shinto wedding on the island of Miyajima, toured the sacred buildings of Nar, and explored the modern capital city of Tokyo. Many of the attractions they visited have been designated World Heritage sites by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The trip served as the travel component for two courses: Contemporary Japan, and Japanese Politics. Contemporary Japan focuses on cultural, artistic, and historical aspects of Japanese life. The course also explains and expands on the increasing role Japan is acquiring in the West. Japanese Politics examines the ways that Japanese political development has been similar to and different from western development, and also emphasized the role geography has played in Japanese political development.

While the students spent most of their time learning the history and culture of Japan, they also had a few diversions such as visiting the first museum dedicated to "Japanime" — Japanese animation — and cheering at a professional baseball game between the Seibu Lions and Hanshin Tigers. The teams officially welcomed the Fairleigh Dickinson University students on scoreboard in the fourth inning.

Benjamin Laidlaw

Brenna Horris

Christian Bellini

Christopher Falkowski

Christopher Hata

Darren Manchen

Evan Smith

Gregory Johnson

James Seeman

Jean-Pierre Hernandez

Jonathan Siejka

Justin Maxfield

Justin Williams

Kim Ly

Matthew Bradley

Michael Marek-Mzzariello

Mike Wonyoung Kang

Pablo Garita

Raymond Lim

Robyn Mortiboys

Tam Ho

Thomas Van Cise


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