WFDU disc jockey celebrates ‘generous’ Davy Jones

Singer David 'Davy' Jones and host of WFDU radio's 'Anything Goes,' Lise Avery recorded an interview together in 2006. Jones opened up on everything from his passion for horses to his fellow Monkees.

By Kenna Caprio

With public memorials in the works and the news of his death still fresh, David “Davy” Jones of The Monkees remains at the forefront of fans’ minds.

Lise Avery, host of “Anything Goes” on Fairleigh Dickinson University’s WFDU FM, has memorial plans of her own.

On Monday, March 19, Avery will play a 2006 interview with Jones in its entirety during the 10 and 11 a.m. hours. Portions of the interview aired in 2006, but until now, the full interview has not been heard.

“I am going to air all of things that he said,” says Avery. “He and I cracking up and making jokes — all the things that don’t make it to air, and end up on the cutting room floor. That’s the kind of thing that the audience will enjoy that they didn’t get to hear the first time around.”

Since Jones died, Avery has received “a number of calls and emails, about half a dozen from audience members,” about that 2006 interview.

“One thing that surprised me when I got involved with David, is that people really loved him,” she says. “His passing has regenerated that feeling in people. He was very much about making other people happy.”

“Sometimes people are disappointed (meeting a celebrity), but in this case, he was exactly what people were hoping he’d be,” says Avery as she starts to tell a story that very much reflects the positivity and kindness of Jones.

Just as Avery and Jones finished recording the 2006 interview, a staff member came in to tell Jones about her friend’s “big crush on him,” and “he just started cooing into the microphone. (It was) very generous of him to do that,” says Avery.

“It’s my privilege to be able to share that with people.”

“Anything Goes,” which features standards, jazz and classic pop, started on WFDU in 1998 and went into syndication in 2000.

“The nature of ‘Anything Goes’ is really to make people feel better, feel good about going about their day, and lighten their load a bit. (It’s a) mix of music, interviews and hijinks, because you never know what’s really going to happen,” says Avery.

Listeners can visit WFDU online at Since 1971, WFDU FM has been the radio voice of Fairleigh Dickinson University, providing distinctive entertainment shows and award-winning public affairs programming for the tri-state metro area.

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