Carol Creekmore Honored With Pillar Award

Madison, NJ - September 29, 2006 – West Caldwell, N.J. resident Carol Creekmore was honored as a "Pillar" of the campus community at Fairleigh Dickinson University academic convocation on September 27. The convocation was held in Dreyfuss Theater on the College at Florham Campus in Madison, N.J.

The Pillar Award is given annually to recognize exceptional individuals within the University, who over time, have made extraordinary contributions to the character and quality of the institution, its community and culture.

“Since you joined the University, you have forged an incredible list of achievements that all speak to one ultimate goal: providing the finest services possible for students and their parents,” said Dr. Kenneth Greene, College at Florham Campus Provost. “Students know when they come to you, they can count on a careful listener and a helpful word.”

Since joining FDU in 1993,Creekmore combined the offices of the bursar and registrar, led the department in the transition to the Datatel computer network, and the implemented an on-line registration program. In 1998 she was promoted to University Director of Enrollment Services for the Florham and Metropolitan campuses.

She has been married to George Creekmore for 36 years, and has two children – a daughter Donna and son Dan, and one grandchild, Kate. She currently lives in West Caldwell, NJ.

Carol Creekmore

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