Twenty-Two Fairleigh Dickinson University Faculty Members Appointed to Serve United Nations

Teaneck, NJ (March 4, 2010) — After becoming the first university in the world to be granted special consultative status by ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council), Fairleigh Dickinson University has appointed 22 faculty members to serve two-year terms on substantive committees at the United Nations.

“I am confident these individuals will play influential roles on these committees and contribute to solutions that address global challenges,” said university president Dr. J. Michael Adams. “Let me emphasize that these individuals are delegates, not observers. They are rightly seen as leaders in their fields and they will be helping to make and recommend policy.”

FDU became eligible to appoint representatives to NGO (nongovernmental organization) committees when the university was granted special consultative status last year. This special consultative status is granted to non-governmental organizations with special competence in the fields of activity covered by ECOSOC.  

“These individuals are blazing a new path of influence and involvement on the world stage, and they are helping to further distinguish FDU’s reputation in the corridors of the United Nations,” said Adams, who is the president-elect of the International Association of University Presidents. “The United Nations benefits from the expertise that our faculty bring to their committees, and our faculty have the opportunity to use their knowledge to address significant global challenges. Most importantly, they will bring back to campus a wealth of experiences and insights that will be shared with the entire community and that will create new learning opportunities for our students.“

The following individuals were appointed:

Faculty Member

Role at FDU

Committee’s Focus

Ceclia Alvarez

Adjunct Professor of Nursing

Committee on Family

Katherine Bullard

Assistant Professor of History

Committee on Youth

Ronald Calissi

Director of School of Administrative Science

Committee on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Joan Desilets

Professor of Health and Physical Education

Committee on Status of Women

Diane Dettmore

Associate Professor of Nursing

Committee on HIV/AIDS

Maureen Doyle

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Committee on Mental Health

Gerard Farias

Associate Professor of Management

Committee on Sustainable Development

Deborah Fredericks

Director, Continuing Studies

Committee on the Rights of Children

Richard Gray

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Committee on Narcotics and Substance

Leonard Grob

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Humanities

Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns

Minerva Guttman

Professor of Nursing

Committee on Ageing

Glennena Haynes-Smith

Associate Professor of Nursing

Committee on Human Rights

Jeffery Hsu

Associate Professor of Information Systems and Decision Sciences

 Committee on Finance for Development

Khyati Joshi

Associate Professor of Education

Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief

Delicia Koeneke

Lecturer of Spanish

Committee on Youth


Committee on Indigenous Peoples

Rendell Mabey

Director Enhanced Freshman Experience

Committee on Spirituality, Values and

Jo Anne Murphy

Director of UN Programs

Committee on Indigenous Peoples


Committee on Disarmament

Elizabeth Parietti

Associate Professor of Nursing

Committee on Family

David Rosen

Professor of Anthropology

Committee on Disarmament                                                      

John Schiemann

Associate Professor of Political Science

Committee on Human Rights

Ethne Swartz

Associate Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies

Committee on Status of Women

Lona Whitmarsh

Associate Professor of Psychology

Committee on HIV/AIDS Global Concerns

 FDU joins more than 2,000 international organizations that have special consultative status with ECOSOC — including such groups as Amnesty International and Habitat for Humanity.

These NGO committees function within the U.N. system under the umbrella of the Conference of Nongovernmental Organizations (CONGO). Each committee brings together representatives of NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC, members of the CONGO secretariat and representatives of government delegations to discuss vital issues facing the international community. Working through these committees, CONGO members and the broader global NGO community work to share information, bring NGO expertise to the United Nations and ensure that their members’ concerns are addressed within the U.N. system.

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