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A Smart Way for Adults To Go To College

Students Enthusiastic About Community College Partnerships

Teaneck, NJ (July 10, 2003) — Denver Starken, who is enrolled in Fairleigh Dickinson’s QUEST program at Burlington County College, is studying for a BA in English and an MA in Teaching. "I was very attracted to the idea of continuing my education at a location I was familiar with and I also liked that this program was sympathetic to an adult’s lifestyle, offering evening and weekend classes," she said.

Many adults whose family and job responsibilities prevent full-time attendance at a four year college are taking advantage of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Community College Partnership program — offered at Atlantic Cape Community College, Burlington County College, Cumberland County College and Gloucester County College.

This flourishing program provides students who have an associate degree a new and exciting educational opportunity to pursue an undergraduate degree completion program and graduate degree studies on their own community college campus.

Paulett Strand was attracted to the program at Atlantic Cape Community College and the degree with a specialization in hospitality management. She says the schedule is "perfect" and likes "…the convenience of time and location. When you are already short on time, not having to drive up to the main campus allows for less tiring travel and more time to spend on class."

The flexibility of full or part-time scheduling options to meet personal and professional needs and the convenience of on-site classes close to home or work has proved immensely popular with adult students. An additional attraction is the specially priced on-site tuition rates for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Robert McKenna, studying at Gloucester County College for his BA in Individualized Studies with a concentration in business and technology, said he’s glad he made the decision to enter the program; "I really do like the concept of the seven-week courses, it’s busy and time intensive. It takes me away from my loved ones for a bit, but if this program was not available and I had made a decision to continue my bachelor’s in the traditional manner, my time away would be more lengthy."

Paulett Strand has taken ten classes and hopes to graduate in May 2004 and go directly into the master’s program. "I probably would have kept procrastinating if this program did not exist. I looked into other colleges – however, the mix of conditions of cost, flexibility and convenience were not present."

"The people I attend classes with have become like a second family in many ways," says Starken. "We all wear several different hats throughout the day and unite to wear the same big hat at least three to five times a week in the classroom." Strand echoes that feeling. "There is a great rapport with the class and the instructors. I feel that we’ve bonded and are happy to see familiar faces with each new class. Our classes have created a very strong network of support."

When asked about the partnership program, Professor Charles Kocher, who teaches criminal justice students at Cumberland Community College said "The transition is seamless and requires minimum effort for the student. In most cases, FDU offers the most attractive program to complete their BA degree."

Starting in September, FDU is initiating a new offering on the campuses of Burlington County College and Gloucester County College — an AACSB-accredited BS in Business Management, with specialization in Global Business Management.

For information on up-coming Open Houses, locations, programs and cost, contact Amy Matyseck in the Office of University Partnerships at 201-692-7310 or e-mail matyseck@fdu.edu.

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