UCEDC helps student entrepreneurs launch DVD kiosk at FDU

Above: FDU students and Click A Flick co-founders Matthew Fishman (left) and Joseph Getts with Paula Star, loan outreach coordinator at UCEDC, the organization that financed the Click A Flick DVD kiosk at FDUís College at Florham.

Joseph Getts and Matthew Fishman, both entrepreneurship majors at Fairleigh Dickinson University, recently decided to put what they were learning in class to work and start their own business. Calling their venture Click A Flick, the enterprising duo installed a Redbox-like DVD kiosk in the Student Center at FDUís College at Florham in Madison, NJ.

To obtain funding for their business idea, Getts and Fishman competed in the first annual Pitch Competition, hosted by FDUís Silberman College of Businessís Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, winning $2,000 for their idea from Dick Sweeny, co-founder of Keurig and FDU alumnus.

While a good start, that $2,000 wasnít nearly enough to buy a DVD kiosk and after being ignored by a number of banks and lending agencies, Getts and Fishman found UCEDC, a non-profit economic development corporation that specializes in helping small businesses in New Jersey. The Cranford, NJ-based company liked Gettsí and Fishmanís DVD kiosk ideaóand the business plan behind itóand gave the pair a $12,000 micro-loan get their business started.

ďOur mission is to give enterprising entrepreneurs a chance to succeed when they canít get a conventional bank loan and Joe and Matt certainly fit the bill,Ē said Paula Star, UCEDC loan officer. ďThey did their research, planned carefully, and were personally committed to the project.Ē

The profits from Click A Flick will be used to fund Launchpad, a student entrepreneurship club at FDUís College at Florham that Getts and Fishman founded. Launchpad will in turn use that money to help fund other student entrepreneurs at FDU  

Getts is from Henniker, NH and Fishman is from Stamford, CT. Both are seniors at FDUís College at Florham. 

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