Fairleigh Dickinson University Students Travel to Study in China

Madison, NJ (June 15, 2006) —Students taking the capstone “Global Business Planning” course in the MBA in Global Management program at the Silberman College of Business at Fairleigh Dickinson University traveled to China and toured the country for two weeks to study its history and culture. Student will then work in groups, using those experiences to develop either a feasibility study or a business plan for their “client” organization.

Dr. James Almeida, the instructor for the course, traveled with the students and mentored them on their projects for the client companies. The client companies consist of American and European businesses that are interested in the Chinese markets.

Students spent their two weeks visiting Beijing and Shanghai with the goal of developing a strong appreciation for the growth that has characterized the Chinese economy over the past few years. The trip provided students with the experience to produce a project with real-world applicability for a client company. It also supplied the students with a first-hand understanding of the potential offered by the economic development of China.

Students attended a variety of seminars on specific topics pertaining to international business, visiting business and other economic organizations, as well as developing a cultural appreciation for the country. They visited the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Peking Opera, among other cultural attractions.


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