WFDU-FM Presents a New Radio Documentary Examining Brazil’s Rise as a Global Power

Teaneck NJ (August 11, 2008) — WFDU-FM (89.1), the global voice of Fairleigh Dickinson University, will broadcast a major new public radio documentary BRAZIL RISING at 9 a.m. on Sunday August 31.

Former Marketplace host David Brown takes listeners on a personal journey across Brazil and tells why it is becoming a formidable superpower.  According to Brown, “many Americans still consider Brazil an exotic tourist location but otherwise not terribly relevant.”

But Brown says things are changing:  “While America has been focused elsewhere, Brazil has become the number one exporter of soy, coffee, sugar, poultry, orange juice — the list goes on.  Indeed, one could say its overtaken America's claim in being the breadbasket of the world. And the implications for all of us are enormous.”

Brown leads a team of radio reporters including Simon Marks, Kristin McHugh and Keith Porter, as they travel across this vast country -- almost the size of the continental United States. The team reports on Brazil at a historic turning point and its grand vision to claim a larger place on the world stage.

Among the stories listeners will hear in BRAZIL RISING:

David Brown reports from a boat in the Port of Santos, the largest port in Latin America.  The port illustrates Brazil’s huge trade potential.

Simon Marks tells about the Brazil-based company Embraer, now the third largest commercial aircraft manufacturer in the world behind only Boeing and Airbus.

Brown visits a gas station along a busy street parallel to Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro to explain the “alcool” pumps.  Keith Porter provides an in-depth look at Brazil’s self-sufficient ethanol program and how the country has embraced sugar cane as the ethanol and “energy cane” of the future.  

Kristin McHugh reports on the social challenges that Brazil faces by focusing on a community policing operation in a Sao Paulo neighborhood once considered the most dangerous in the world.  

BRAZIL RISING let’s listeners hear about Brazil’s vibrant music scene.  Commentary and interviews with Brazil’s Minister of Strategic Affairs Roberto Ungar and Brazil’s Foreign Minister Celso Amorim are also featured in the program.

Listen for BRAZIL RISING on WFDU-FM (89.1) at 9 a.m. on Sunday, August 31. For those who prefer streaming on the Web, go to

BRAZIL RISING is a production of the Stanley Foundation, KQED Public Radio, and KUT Austin.

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