Vancouver’s International Faculty and Visitors

FDU-Vancouver welcomed two new faculty members from consulates in Colombia and the People’s Republic of China. Jairo Clopatofsky Ghisays, consul general of Colombia to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is teaching the international business undergraduate course Latin America and Global International Trade this spring. Michael Su, Education Office, Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Vancouver, is teaching the administrative science graduate course Principles of Information Systems.

In the campus’s Diplomatic Circle Series, Tran Quang Dung, consul general of Vietnam to Vancouver, will speak on “Vietnam: Trade and Investment Climate and Canada-Vietnam Relations,” on Wednesday, February 26, at 4 p.m. in Room 130. On Wednesday, April 9, Etienne Walter, honorary consul of Ecuador, will speak on “Amazing Ecuador” also at 4 p.m. in Room 130.

Augusto Morelli

Earlier in February, Augusto Morelli, consul general of Peru, spoke on “Contemporary Peru: Reality and Promise.” “He was very honest in showing not only the good side but also the bad side of delicate issues like the mining industry and its impact on the environment, education and tourism,” said Camila Castro, student (Van).

The Diplomatic Circle Series includes presentations on the educational, economic or political situations in various countries. The series was inaugurated in January 2011. On a monthly basis a consul general from one of the countries an FDU-Vancouver student is from is invited to speak on that country’s education and political situation. The events are open to the public. For more information or to reserve a seat, call Lynda Kuit, assistant to the campus provost (Van), at 604-648-4461 or email

The Event Planning class of Willy Aroca, international hotel management (Van), with Consul General of Peru Augusto Morelli, left.

In addition, on February 3, the Consul General of Brazil Ernesto Otto Rubarth spoke about his country’s past and present economic situation to a Latin American and Global International Trade class. “One of the most important things that he spoke about was that Brazil does not have a Free Trade Agreement with the U.S. because of different interests with Mercosur,” said Laura Rodriguez R., student (Van).

The campus also holds a Distinguished Visitors Series. The next guest to present will be Colin Cree, director of EFS e-Forensic Services Inc., Vancouver, who will speak on “Current Trends in Digital Evidence/Investigations” on Wednesday, March 5, at 4 p.m. in Room 130.

In other news, The Global Review (a biannual special-topics journal published by FDU-Vancouver) has issued a call for papers for volume one, number two, Teaching Business in the Global Century. The guest editor is Hermann Schwind, emeritus, management, Saint Mary’s University, and co-editors are Constance Bygrave, administrative science and program coordinator of administrative science and individualized studies (Van) and Özen Asik-Dizdar, management and coordinator of business administration (Van). For more details go to .

Mosaic, one of North America’s largest brand-marketing companies and a market leader in helping brands connect with consumers in nontraditional ways, including retail events, community experiences, assisted selling, and online social media extensions, hosted a Career Information Session on campus. Its major clients include Microsoft, Samsung, Loblaw and Coca-Cola. The Mosaic team presented insights on the various part-time, contract and full-time opportunities within the company and spent time to review résumés and talk with students one on one.

The Mosaic presentation.

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