FDU-Vancouver Update

As FDU-Vancouver celebrates it fifth anniversary, it has expanded to a second floor, is planning a global focus symposium and has surpassed its initial target of 500 students.

Second Floor

The new second floor is ready for a ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 30, the day before the campus’s fourth commencement ceremony. Designated faculty and staff have moved from the first floor to the second floor as have services such as enrollment, admissions, learning resources, the writing center and the library. Student, faculty and staff lounges have also been opened.

The second floor houses, from left, the student lounge in enrollment services, the learning resources office and the library, among others.

With the added space, the campus has hosted a career fair and visits from Vietnamese school principals, CEOs, ministry officials and the British Columbia Institute for International Education, British Columbian registrars and enrollment directors, visiting New Jersey faculty and MAS classes.

“The reaction to all of these happenings has been very enthusiastic and unanimously positive,” said Cecil Abrahams, provost (Van).

An internship fair, left, and a Happiness Day celebration were held on FDU-Vancouver’s second floor.

At the upcoming ribbon-cutting ceremony, there will be representation from the Board of Trustees, the interim president, the University provost, several senior administrators, the dean of the Anthony J. Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies and Susan Adams. In addition, many British Columbian higher-education officials, the Ministry of Advanced Education, Universities and Colleges; business and community leaders; diplomatic representatives; and faculty and staff will attend.


The Fifth Year Anniversary Symposium, “Globalize-Identify-Transform: A Symposium” will be held on Thursday and Friday, May 16 and 17.

The event welcomes participants from the social sciences, business and the arts with the aim of opening dialogue about the social role of economic and cultural institutions in the post-nationalist age of globalization. Discussion of the university itself as a social institution will also be welcome.

Future Expansion

“Having passed our initial target of 500 students, we are now moving steadily and confidently toward our next target of 1,000 students,” said Abrahams. “In addition to expanding our campus facilities, we are also intending to increase our degree programs by introducing the MS in hospitality management, the MS in computer science and the MBA.”

Recent U.N. Connection

Four FDU-Vancouver students traveled to New York City in March to participate in the National Model United Nations conference, this year titled “Change Your World.” They represented diplomats of St. Kitts/Nevis.

They were accompanied by Jobin Mojtabavi, associate director of student services (Van). The students were Felix Erasmus of Canada, Rumbidzai Kabatebate of Zimbabwe, Ana Karen Morales of Mexico and Ira Saini of Canada.

During the trip the group also had the chance to do some sightseeing.

Jobin Mojtabavi, third from left, associate director of student services (Van), accompanied FDU-Vancouver students, from left, Rumbidzai Kabatebate of Zimbabwe, Ana Karen Morales of Mexico and Felix Erasmus and Ira Saini of Canada, who participated in the National Model United Nations conference.

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