Winter Session Global Activities

FDU students traveled to Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Wroxton College in England during winter break.

Costa Rica

Nineteen College at Florham undergraduate students and two staff members, Pam Messina, assistant to the dean of students (Flor), and Brian Mauro, associate campus provost (Flor), spent 10 days in Manzanillo, Costa Rica, participating in a service trip.

Top photos, from left: Pamela Messina, assistant to the dean of students (Flor), cleaning dolls; Brian Mauro, associate campus provost (Flor), assisting students paint the jungle gym; and Rosemarie Twomey, retired business law (Flor), and Daniel Twomey, retired management (Flor), both standing, helping in the cleanup.

Bottom photos, from left: a renovated classroom; students hanging mesh on the windows; the kitchen with newly painted tables; and students painting designs on a table.

The team worked together throughout the fall semester raising funds to renovate the kindergarten-through-sixth-grade school, Escuela de Manzanillo. They painted and cleaned and had an opportunity to explore the town. They also helped clear the beaches of trash and debris.

The students experienced life in an impoverished town and helped the youth become educated in a better environment while learning about the surrounding area. They said, “Nothing will ever compare to this trips’ experience. Being able to help out …. was an eye-opener as to how different people’s lives are compared to most of ours.”

Dominican Republic

The alternative break trip to the Dominican Republic is in its third year. This year, a team of 10 College at Florham undergraduate students and three staff members (Cameron Govan, campus life coordinator [Flor]; Jesse Swartz, first year experience coordinator [Flor]; and Andre Turner, campus life coordinator [Flor]) were given the opportunity to work with infants through 18 year olds, including deaf and mute students, at the Hogar del Nino school in La Romana.

Volunteers are, front row, from left, students Alena Ramos, Kiyanna Davis and Megan Vallejo; and back row, from left, Cameron Govan, campus life coordinator (Flor); students Shanay Quinerly, Lauren Brogden and RaJohn Raeford; Andre Turner, campus life coordinator (Flor); students Malik Peterson, Fardose Shakour, Anthony Pace and Mary Rosell; and Jesse Swartz, first-year experience coordinator, dean of students (Flor).

This year, the students recreated the Zona Verde, a building that focuses on “the arts,” including music and art, and, more recently, recycling and vegetation, making it a bright and welcoming place for students to learn and socialize. With the help of the students, FDU volunteers recreated works of art done by the students, painted murals, filled painted recycled tires with plants and added beautified rocks pulled from the beaches. The team was rewarded with the smiles of the students and teachers excited to use their new space.

After the manual labor was completed, the team broke up into groups — some helped teach English classes, others worked with deaf and mute students of the Hogar or helped feed and care for the infants. And, with every moment spent at the Hogar the team was able to soak up Dominican culture, “The memories created at the Hogar have no price tag or expiration date, they are lifelong,” said Govan.

Master of Fine Arts Residency

Thirty students and 10 faculty attended the 2013 master of fine arts in creative writing residency at Wroxton College this winter session.

From left: Thomas Kennedy, creative writing (Flor); Minna Proctor, editor-in-chief, The Literary Review (Flor); Walter Cummins, emeritus, English (Flor); and David Grand, creative writing (Flor) in the Buttery.

Each residency offers individual conferences with mentors, group workshops, readings and instruction by distinguished visiting writers, presentations by publishing professionals, faculty lectures, student readings and other literary-related activities. This year, the program hosted among others, fiction writer Tessa Hadley (author of Married Love, The London Train, Clever Girl and others and a frequent contributor to The New Yorker), and the poet, Jane Yeh (Marabou, The Ninjas). Students and faculty also met with a London-based literary agent.

One of the highlights of this year’s residency was a reading and ceremony honoring the publication of books by creative writing faculty: Thomas Kennedy, creative writing (Flor), (the novel Falling Sideways and his collection of stories Getting Lucky) and Walter Cummins, emeritus, English (Flor), (his collection of stories, The Lost Ones). Other highlights included faculty member Kathy Graber’s lecture on the work of Robert Hass; The Literary Review Editor-in-Chief Minna Proctor, creative writing (Flor), lecturing on translation; and student readings in the Buttery. On their travel day, many students chose to visit Oxford or London. René Steinke, English and writer-in-residence (Flor), is director of the MFA program.

Global/Florham Scholars

This year marked the first time that Global Scholar students from the Metropolitan Campus and Florham Scholars from the College at Florham traveled to Wroxton College together for the freshman scholars trip.

Top left photo: Childerick Barthelus, assistant dean of commuter affairs/special projects (Metro), with a knight in Wroxton College.

Top right photo: From left, the group that went on the scholars trip included alumna Shirley Pierre, MA’04 (Metro); Rosaria Andraka, advisement counselor, University Honors (Flor); S. Craig Mourton, assistant campus provost (Metro); students Emily Posner, Alexandra Romanczuk, Caitlin Gilmore, Natasha Ashby; David Rosen, anthropology (Flor); and students Caitlyn Freda, Talia Heldenmuth, Vincent Larson and Sarah Walsh.

Bottom photo: Wroxton College after a snowstorm.

Eight students (three from the College at Florham and five from Metropolitan Campus) were accompanied by S. Craig Mourton, assistant campus provost (Metro); Childerick Barthelus, assistant dean of student for community affairs; David Rosen, anthropology (Flor); and Rose Andraka, advisement counselor, University Honors (Flor).

The weeklong experience included lectures given by Nicholas Baldwin, dean, Wroxton College, on understanding British culture and Pamela Mason, British faculty (Wrox), on the play “Boris Godunov.” Day trips included Stratford-upon-Avon to see that play, and Oxford and London.

Mourton said, “This year’s Wroxton trip marks a new cross-campus relationship of bringing students of the two scholars programs together in order to further enhance the programs on both campuses.”

Education Field Experience

Four QUEST students from the Community College University Partnership program participated in a field experience course, Field Experience IV, at Wroxton and Banbury schools. The QUEST program  is a five-year accelerated (BA/MAT or BS/MAT) program leading to teacher certification.

Three Cumberland County College partnership humanities students are seeking elementary certification, and one history major enrolled through the University’s partnership with Burlington County College is seeking social studies certification. They stayed at Wroxton College during their experience.

Daniel Aronoff, education and deputy director, education (Metro), and Anthony Mastropietro, director, University partnerships, Petrocelli College (Metro), helped arrange the trip.

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