Spring, Summer Study Abroad — Enriching Learning Experiences

This spring, FDU students observed marine creatures in their natural habitats in the Dominican Republic, enjoyed theater productions in London and learned about hotel management and culinary operations in Switzerland and Italy. During the summer, students can broaden their learning opportunities and academic experiences through a special United Nations course as well as overseas trips to Italy, Ecuador and England.

Spring Trips

Dominican Republic

For the first time, the School of Natural Sciences offered students the opportunity to complete an 18-credit minor in marine biology in the Dominican Republic. The trip, which ran from February 13 to April 20, offered lecture and laboratory courses in Beach Ecology, Tropical Marine Vegetation, Tropical Marine Invertebrates and Tropical Marine Vertebrates.

Left photo: Studying how long it takes for a sea lion to obey commands are, from left, Marion McClary, biological science and co-director, natural sciences (Metro), and students Stephaney Elfikey-Sanders and Vanessa Gomez.

Right photo: Students studying various specimens.

The courses were conducted by Irwin Isquith, biological sciences; Marion McClary, biological sciences and co-director, natural sciences; and Hector Ramirez Crespo, University College (all Metro). Students stayed at the LaTambora Beach Resort on the Samana Peninsula and took afternoon trips to local sites to supplement morning lectures. The group traveled to the Playa Fronton Beach of Las Galeras, where they studied tropical fish in their natural habitats of coral reefs and mangroves; to Cayo Levantado (Baccardi Island), to study and collect data on marine vertebrates; to El Salto del Limón, where students visited the tropical jungle and the waterfall; and to Las Fletchas, where they collected comb jellies. The group also went snorkeling, scuba diving and interacted with sea lions.

Italy — University of Bergamo

Starting this spring, FDU students who have a cumulative grade point ratio of at least 3.00 and who demonstrate some proficiency in Italian can spend a semester at the Università degli studi di Bergamo in northern Italy. For information contact Gloria Pastorino, French/Italian (Flor), at 973-443-8712 or gpastor@fdu.edu. For details see “Academic Cooperation Agreements with University of Bergamo Signed” this issue http://inside.fdu.edu/otw/1204/bergamo.html .


During spring break, 11 students took an eight-day trip to England as part of The London Theater Experience, a three-credit course that gives students the chance to watch productions staged by professional theater companies and attend theater-related classes at the Globe Theatre. The students watched productions of “Farewell to the Theatre,” “The Madness of King George III,” “One Man, Two Guvnors,” “Matilda,” “She Stoops to Conquer” and “Filumena.” They also went on backstage tours of the National Theatre and the Royal National Theatre; visited the National Art Gallery, London Theatre Museum and Windsor Castle; and enjoyed an acting workshop and lecture at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Stephen Hollis, theater and director, theater arts (Flor), accompanied the group.

In addition, the regular cohort of students are studying at Wroxton College this semester.

Left photo: Stage actress Beatie Edney, front row, second from left, who plays the Queen in “The Madness of King George III,” with FDU students after a lecture she conducted. The students with her are, front row, from left, Amarilys Rodriguez, Georgia Goetz, Lucinda Fisher; second row, from left, Danyelle Valentin; and third row, from left, Meghan Byers, Janay Mckoy, Bobby Deverona, Reuben Natan, Krystal Wilson and Kaitlin Gonzalez.

Right photo: Stephen Hollis, left, theater and director, theater arts (Flor), with actress Beatie Edney during her lecture.

Switzerland and Italy — International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management’s Global Seminar

Kirsten Tripodi, hospitality management (Metro); Donald Hoover, hospitality/tourism management (Metro); and Joseph Tormey, hospitality/tourism management (Metro), accompanied 48 students to Switzerland and Italy during spring break for the International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management’s Global Seminar. This was the first year that one group visited both countries. In previous years, separate groups visited each country. The trip focused on management and culinary hotel skills.

While in Switzerland, the group attended classes on the comparison of Switzerland’s management approaches, techniques and strategies to those practiced in the United States. Students toured hotel properties and were given an opportunity to experience Swiss food-and-beverage service. They went behind the scenes at Interlaken’s Victoria-Jungfrau Hotel and the Palace Hotel in Lucerne, both five-star hotels and members of the world-renowned Leading Hotels of the World. Classes were held in the town of Engelberg, Switzerland, location of the leading mountain resort in central Switzerland, high in an alpine valley.

In Italy are, from left, Donald Hoover, hospitality/tourism management (Metro); students Jose Jerez Vargas, Derek Gandon, Joseph Tormey, Jr. and Jin Wook; and Joseph Tormey, hospitality/tourism management (Metro).

During their time in Italy, the students stayed at Hotel Posta in Reggio Emilia, (located in Emilia Romagna), where the Italian flag was created. The students also visited Florence, Parma and Bologna. During their visit to Parma, the group was greeted by Gianluigi Zenti, president and CEO of Academia Barilla. The students toured the Barilla Pasta Factory, where their classes were held, and had the opportunity to cook lunch with the Academia’s chefs. While in Florence, the group took a sightseeing tour of Old Florence and visited the Florence Market, where they purchased ingredients for a meal they later prepared at Apicius International School of Hospitality/School of Food and Wine Studies.

In Bologna, the students were greeted by members of the Bologna Tourism Office, who arranged a private tour of the newly opened Music Museum and a private concert by one of Europe’s premier organ players who is a music professor at Bologna University’s School of Music. The students then had lunch and were given a tour of the Grand Hotel Majestic, a Leading Hotel of the World. To complete their Italian adventure, the students visited a Parmesan cheese manufacturer, the Casali Winery for a wine tasting and an aceto balsamico (balsamic vinegar) manufacturer.

Dos Mundos (Two Worlds)

Students have the option of participating in an innovative undergraduate degree program — Dos Mundos (Two Worlds) — that combines an FDU education with a one- or two-year study-abroad experience at any of the University’s international partner universities in the Dominican Republic, Spain, Israel, Germany, Italy, Korea or Costa Rica. This semester there are students studying in Spain and the Dominican Republic. In the fall, there will also be students studying in Italy and Costa Rica. Students from the Universidad Alfonso El Sabio in Spain are enrolled in the exchange program this semester and next studying at FDU. For information about the program and FDU’s partner-universities go to http://view.fdu.edu/default.aspx?id=8928 . Lisetty Nigrinis, assistant director for global partnerships and director, American Language and Culture Program (Metro), is director of Dos Mundos.


Of course, study abroad is available for New Jersey students at FDU-Vancouver, where a variety of courses are being offered. For example, College at Florham student Ryan Barth-Dwyer is spending a semester at the campus. To read more about his experiences at FDU-Vancouver go to http://view.fdu.edu/default.aspx?id=8992 .

Summer Study Abroad

Italy — Alassio and Bergamo

Students can study either Beginning Italian I (Elementary Italian I for Metropolitan Campus students) or Italy: Land of Migrations in the seaside town of Alassio, Italy, from May 20 to 27. Students can also take a culture course, Italian History and Art History, taught by a faculty member at the University of Bergamo, at no additional cost, from May 27 to June 16. For information contact Gloria Pastorino, French/Italian (Flor), at 973-443-8712 or gpastor@fdu.edu. Also see “Academic Cooperation Agreements with University of Bergamo Signed” this issue http://inside.fdu.edu/otw/1204/bergamo.html .


The Study-Abroad Office, in partnership with the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, is organizing a service-learning trip to Yunganza, Ecuador, from May 28 to June 10. The group will spend two weeks with the indigenous Shuar community and help construct a Cultural and Community Center in their tropical rainforest village. Students will participate in various cultural activities and go on a guided tour of Baños de Agua Santa (Baños City is known as the Gateway to the Amazon) and other excursions. For information go to http://www.fdu.edu/studyabroad or contact Anne Miksza, program specialist, global learning (Metro), at amiksza@fdu.edu.


Special seminars and courses will be offered at Wroxton College in England this summer.

This year’s International Corporate Communication and Culture Seminar is scheduled for May 21 through June 2. The seminar will provide a theory component provided by United Kingdom academics, who will address key differences in the ways Americans and Europeans approach the task of theorizing about communication and the implications of these differences for business. 

Students will work with corporate communication students from the University of West London; examine case studies conducted by United Kingdom practitioners, which show how issues of culture, history, politics and theory play out in actual corporate communication practice; and attend seminars at the Harris-Manchester College of Oxford University. For information go to http://view.fdu.edu/default.aspx?id=2197 or contact Gary Radford, communication studies (Flor), at gradford@fdu.edu.

For the 11th year, the School of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies is hosting a course in Wroxton College from June 3 to 16 as a study-abroad component of its course Comparative Criminal Justice Systems: United States and Great Britain. The course will be facilitated by Tarika Daftary-Kapur, criminal justice (Metro), and Robert Vodde, criminal justice and director, criminal justice/legal studies (Metro). Taught in collaboration with British criminal justice professionals and the faculty of Wroxton College, the course will examine the respective social, cultural, historical, political, economic, geographical, operational and administrative components of both systems. The course features field visits to local police constabularies, the London Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard), British courts and British prisons. For information contact Vodde at 201-692-2465.

Other courses being offered this summer at Wroxton College are Roman Civilization, with David Epstein, executive director, online programs (Metro), from June 5 to 15; Leading in Times of Crisis, Organizational Leadership and Leadership of the Founding Fathers, with William “Pat” Schuber, administrative science (Metro), and Wroxton College faculty, from July 14 to 21. For information on the Roman Civilization, contact epstein@fdu.edu. For information on the other courses go to http://view.fdu.edu/default.aspx?id=74 .

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