Academic Cooperation Agreements with University of Bergamo Signed

Fairleigh Dickinson University widened its global reach with additional partnership agreements with the Università degli studi di Bergamo (University of Bergamo) in northern Italy. The multi-faceted agreements provide FDU students with three study-abroad opportunities to choose from: the student exchange program, humanities summer program and the Two Worlds program. Italian students will participate in the semester exchange program, the summer program and in a dual-degree MA program.

Under the student exchange program, qualified FDU and University of Bergamo (UOB) students will spend a semester in the partner university and are expected to complete four to six courses. To qualify, FDU students must have a minimum cumulative grade point ratio of 3.00 and demonstrate some proficiency in Italian (second-semester level). Intensive courses in Italian (Beginning Italian I and Beginning Italian II) are being offered this spring for students who have never taken Italian-language classes before but are interested in spending the fall semester 2012 in UOB.

Left photo: Signing the partnership agreements are, from left, Geoffrey Weinman, dean, Becton College (Flor); Giuliano Bernini, vice-chancellor for international relations, University of Bergamo; and Flaminia Nicora, chair of communications department, University of Bergamo.

Right photo: The front entrance of the University of Bergamo.

According to Gloria Pastorino, French/Italian (Flor) and coordinator of the FDU-UOB agreement, two students — one from the College at Florham and one from the Metropolitan Campus — are currently spending the spring semester in Italy. “They are both doing exceptionally well, they have met lots of people, and they seem happy,” she said. “One just took her first oral exam and got the highest possible marks. It is quite an accomplishment.” This fall, six FDU students will be spending a semester in UOB and six UOB students will join FDU at both the Metropolitan Campus and the College at Florham. For information go to .

Under the Humanities Summer Program, agreement students can enjoy a month in Italy in the seaside town of Alassio (one week) and in Bergamo (subsequent three weeks), from May 20 to June 16. Students can study either Elementary Italian I or Italy: Land of Migrations and also take a culture course, Italian History and Art History, taught by a faculty member at the University of Bergamo, at no additional cost. The travel package of $2,900 includes accommodations and all meals (but two weekends), all transportation within the country, excursions to Genova, Venice and Milan and admission fees to museums. For information go to .

Left photo: The main square in Bergamo, Italy.

Right photo: From left, Christopher Capuano, University provost and senior vice president for academic affairs (Metro/Flor), speaks with Flaminia Nicora, chair of communications department, University of Bergamo, in one of the university’s gardens.

Another agreement also extends FDU’s Two Worlds Program to Italy. FDU students enrolled in the program will be able to combine an FDU education with a one- or two-year study-abroad experience at the University of Bergamo. For information about the program and FDU’s other Two Worlds partner universities go to .

The fourth agreement that has been signed is the dual-degree MA program, which allows UOB students to earn two master’s degrees — an MA in communications, advertising and publishing from UOB and an MA in corporate and organizational communication from FDU. Italian students will join FDU students at the Maxwell Becton College of Arts and Sciences in fall semesters to complete part of their FDU requirements for the degree.

For information contact Gloria Pastorino at 973-443-8712 or

The medieval city of Bergamo, Italy, is on top of a hill and is entirely walled.

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