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Faculty who have written books since 2003 were celebrated on April 19 at a reception at the College at Florham.

More than 50-plus books were featured. “They make an impressive and extraordinary display of which all FDU faculty may be truly proud, since they reflect our collective identity and ongoing achievements,” said Willard Gingerich, University provost and senior vice president for academic affairs (Metro/Flor), in the event’s brochure.

Left photo: James Hutton, marketing (Metro), and Elise Salem, English (Flor) and associate provost for global learning (Flor/Metro), look over the event’s program.

Right photo: Willard Gingerich, right, University provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, addresses the group as James Marcum, University librarian, looks on.

Authors and their books are listed below by categories. They are:


Patrick Gaughan, economics/finance (Metro): Development in Litigation Economics, Elsevier Science & Technology Books, JAI Press, 2006; Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring, John Wiley & Sons, 2005; Mergers: What Can Go Wrong and How to Prevent It, John Wiley & Sons, 2005; and Measuring Business Interruption Losses and Other Commercial Damages, John Wiley & Sons, 2003.

Michael Goodman, English and director, Corporate Communication Institute (Flor): Work with Anyone Anywhere: A Guide to Global Business, Professional Publications, 2006.

Sherwin Klein, philosophy (Metro): Ethical Business Leadership, Peter Lang, 2003.

Roger Koppl, economics/finance (Flor): Money and the Free Market, Routledge, 2006; and Big Players and the Economic Theory of Expectations, Palgrave Macmillan, 2002.

Faculty briefly explained the process of publishing their books. From left are John Cowen, Harry Keyishian, Diane Sommerville and Roger Koppl.

Bill Schwartz, dean, Silberman College of Business (Metro/Flor): Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations, Elsevier Science & Technology Books, 2006.


John Cowen, elementary education/reading and program coordinator, literacy programs (Metro): Balanced Approach to Beginning Reading Instruction, International Reading Association, 2003.

Deborah Gonzalez, business and director, Puerta al Futuro (Metro): Teaching Cross-Cultural Values, Universe, 2004.


Allen Cohen, music (Flor): Howard Hanson in Theory and Practice, Greenwood, 2003; and with Steven Rosenhaus, Writing Musical Theater, Palgrave Macmillan, 2006.

Walter Cummins, emeritus, English (Flor), and Thomas Kennedy, creative writing (Flor): The Literary Traveler, Del Sol Press, 2005.

Bernard Dick, English/communications and coordinator, MA in media/professional communication (Metro): Anatomy of Film, Bedford/Saint Martin’s, 2004; and Hal Wallis: Producer to the Stars, University Press of Kentucky, 2004.

Harry Keyishian, English and director, editorial committee, FDU Press (Flor): Screening Politics: The Politician in American Movies, 1931–2001, Scarecrow 2003.

David Landau, electronic filmmaking (Flor): Noir Suspicions: A Comic Interactive Mystery to the Movie “Casablanca,” Samuel French Inc., 2004.

From left are faculty authors Vladimir Zwass, Susan Fowler, Allen Cohen, Gary Radford and Riad Nasser.

Gary Radford, communication and director, MA in corporate/organizational communication (Flor): On the Philosophy of Communication, Wadsworth, 2004; and On Eco, Wadsworth, 2003.


Patricia Bazán-Figueras, languages (Flor): Latin American Women Writers and Horrific Realism, Edwin Mellen, 2004.

Elise Salem, English (Flor) and associate provost for global learning (Flor/Metro): Constructing Lebanon: A Century of Literary Narratives, University Press of Florida, 2003.

René Steinke, English and editor-in-chief, The Literary Review (Flor): Holy Skirts, Morrow/Avon, 2005.


Gary Bronson, data processing (Metro): Object-Oriented Program Development Using Java, Course Technology, 2005; A First Book of C++, From Here to There, Course Technology, 2005; Visual Basic.Net Illuminated and Java for Engineers and Scientists, Brooks/Cole, 2003.

Richard Bronson, mathematics/computer science (Metro) and senior executive assistant to the president: Schaum’s Outline of Differential Equations, 3rd Ed., McGraw-Hill,2006; and Schaum’s Easy Outline of Differential Equations, McGraw-Hill Professional, 2003.

Eamon Doherty, administrative science (Metro): Computer Security and Telerobotics for Everyone, Authorhouse, 2005; and with Gary Stephenson, Computer Recreation for Everyone, AuthorHouse, 2005.

Susan Fowler, computer sciences/engineering (Metro): Web Application Design Handbook, Elsevier Science & Technology Books, 2004.

Vladimir Zwass, computer science/management information systems, and deputy director, computer science/management information systems/e-commerce/mathematics programs (Metro): The Development of Component-Based Information Systems, (Series Editor) M.E. Sharpe Incorporated. 2005 (Science and Technology); Information Quality, (Series Editor) M.E. Sharpe, 2005; and Electronic Customer Relationship Management, (Series Editor) M.E. Sharpe, 2006.


J. Michael Adams, president, and Angelo Carfagna, director, communications/special projects (Metro): Coming of Age in a Globalized World: The Next Generation, Kumarian Press, 2006.

Nicholas Baldwin, dean, Wroxton College: Parliament in the 21st Century, Politico’s Publishing Limited, 2004.

Andrew Eisen, psychology and director, Child Anxiety Disorders Clinic (Metro), and Charles Schaefer, psychology (Metro): Separation Anxiety in Children and Adolescents: An Individualized Approach to Assessment and Treatment, Guilford Publications, 2005.

Robert Francoeur, ed., emeritus, biological sciences (Flor): The Continuum Complete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality, Continuum International Publishing Group, 2004.

James Hutton, marketing (Metro): The Feel-Good Society: How the “Customer” Metaphor is Undermining American Education, Religion, Media and Healthcare, Pentagram, 2004.

Ahmad Kamal, Petrocelli College (Metro) and FDU trustee: The Law of Cyber-Space: An Invitation to the Table of Negotiations, UNITAR, 2005.

Ron Kraus, psychology (Metro), Jason Zack and G. Stricker, Eds., Online Counseling: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals, Elsevier Academic Press, 2004.

Riad Nasser, political science (Flor): Palestinian Identity in Jordan and Israel: The Necessary “Other” in the Making of a Nation, Routledge, 2005.

Linda Reddy and Charles Schaeffer, eds., psychology (Metro): Empirically Based Play Interventions for Children, American Psychological Association, 2005.

William Roberts, social sciences and director, public administration (Metro): France: A Reference Guide from the Renaissance to the Present, Facts On File, 2004.

David Rosen, sociology (Flor): Armies of the Young: Child Soldiers in War and Terrorism, Rutgers University Press, 2005.

Charles Schaefer, psychology (Metro), et al.: International Handbook of Play Therapy: Advances in Assessment, Theory, Research and Practice, Rowman & Littlefield, 2005; Game Play: Therapeutic Use of Childhood Games, John Wiley & Sons, 2004; and Foundations of Play Therapy, John Wiley & Sons, 2003.

John Schiemann, administrative science (Flor): The Politics of Pact-Making: Hungary’s Negotiated Transition to Democracy in Comparative Perspective, Palgrave Macmillan, 2005.

Diane Miller Sommerville, history and chair, social sciences/history (Flor): Rape and Race in the Nineteenth-Century South, University of North Carolina Press, 2004.

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