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Rachel D. Friend

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Kenesha Curtis
Graduate Assistant

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The Academic Advisement Center is open year-round with extended hours for peak and priority registration times. To help students in any way we can, our primary goals are listed below:

  • assist students in developing meaningful educational plans compatible with their life goals
  • provide students with accurate and timely information regarding the academic requirements and standards
  • teach students the value of the learning process and the experience of college
  • serve as a liaison between administration, faculty, staff and students when applicable
  • explain and monitor the university's policies and procedures so students understand and are aware of the requirements

  • We guide students in making informed decisions that will be beneficial to their lives academically, socially and intellectually. If a student has questions and does not know where to go, this is the place. We do not advise all majors, but will help in locating the proper place to go and person with whom to speak.

    Your convenience and confidence

    The Advisement Center operates on a walk-in basis so that students can come in at their convenience. Although we do have a walk-in policy, scheduled appointments are also available during non-peak and non-priority times. All the advisors in the office believe that academic advising is more than just scheduling classes and definitely surpasses the registration period.  We take steps to ensure that we relate to each student as an individual so he/she feels comfortable with the advisors. Each advisor is interested in the students well being and making sure that they know there is a place for them to go if they need to talk or have questions. 


    Along with scheduling classes, dropping and adding classes, and answering questions, the Advisement Center helps students changing their majors, discusses major requirements and options with students, and offers an Academic Intervention program for students placed on academic probation.  Updated checksheets are maintained and are available at the student's request in the Advisement Center.

    Still-Exploring majors

    Students who are Still-Exploring (undeclared) majors and adult students have special and unique needs when deciding what courses to take and what to do. With the Still-Exploring students, we take extra time to discuss the options and opportunities that FDU offers them.  Students can come in and talk with an advisor about what the different majors entail, what is the major best suited for them, and simply to ask questions about the different major requirements.  We want these students to know what options they have and determine for themselves what will be in their best interest for their future.

    Adult students

    The adult student population continues to flourish at FDU as more and more adults are coming back either to complete their degree or to start a new program altogether. We help adult students in determining what major is best for them given their experience, goals, and transfer credits. Advisors are sensitive to the individual needs of the adult student, and take into account the adult student's lifestyle when advising specifically on course selection and sequencing, as well as generally, throughout the adult student's academic program. We enjoy working with the adult students tremendously and want to make sure they know they are continually welcome at the Advisement Center.

    We invite you to stop in if you have any questions or concerns or call us at (201) 692-2339. We hope to see you soon.

    FDU · academics · Metropolitan Campus · academic svcs · help

    Metropolitan Campus

    Welcome to the Fairleigh Dickinson Academic Advisement Center - Metropolitan Campus.  We are here to help you - the student - with fulfilling and completing your academic goals while also answering various questions throughout your time at FDU.  We also assist students, faculty, staff, and administrators in providing information and referral services.

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