FDU hosts TEDx event at the Metropolitan Campus

Story and photos by Dan Landau

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, Fairleigh Dickinson University hosted a TEDx event on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at the Metropolitan Campus. TEDx, an offshoot of TED —the nonprofit organization and eponymous idea conference — is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.  

The theme of TEDxFairleighDickinsonUniversity was “Why We Care” and featured a slate of speakers from FDU including adjunct professor and Sands of Time co-founder Eli Amdur  and College at Florham Provost Peter Woolley. Addressing a packed audience in the Giovatto Library’s auditorium, speakers tackled such varied topics as how to stimulate creativity, the importance of public opinion polling, Big Brother and privacy in the 21st century, and the benefits of learning foreign languages. 

“Diversity of thought is a powerful thing,” says Deborah Fredericks, TEDx event organizer and associate dean of FDU’s Petrocelli College Division of Continuing Education. “The whole purpose of this event was to showcase some of the things we are passionate about. Hopefully the passion for our ideas will inspire others.”

Amdur (photographed above) echoed these sentiments in his presentation, saying he hoped to “touch a future I will never see” by sharing his insights with a younger generation. 

“TED is a way to get out of the classroom and into the heads of tens of thousands of educated, attentive, and intellectually curious people all over the world, from waiting rooms to board rooms,” says Woolley. 

As are all TEDTalks and TEDx talks, TEDxFairleighDickinsonUniversity was filmed. To view the presentation videos, click on the titles below. 

The speakers at TEDxFairleighDickinsonUniversity and their topics, from left to right:

Security and Liberty: Is Big Brother Alive and Well?” by William “Pat” Schuber, assistant professor of administrative science at FDU and former N.J. Assemblyman and Bergen County Executive.

Global Education and the America Dream,” by Jason Scorza, vice provost for international education and political science professor at FDU. 

Polling Fools,” by Peter Woolley, provost of the FDU’s College at Florham, professor of political science, and co-founder of PublicMind (FDU’s public opinion polling center). 

The World in 2050… Are you ready?” by Eli Amdur, executive and career coach, FDU adjunct professor, and futurist.

Caring for Those Who Have Lost a Loved One Through Terrorism,” by Mary Kay Stratis, widow of a victim of the Pan Am 103 Lockerbie bombing and member of the FDU Board of Trustees. 
The U.S. Foreign Language Deficit – What It Is; Why It Matters; and What We Can Do About It,” by Kathleen Stein-Smith, associate university librarian at FDU’s Giovatto Library on the Metropolitan Campus.

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