Spotlight on new faculty: A Q&A with Dr. Bruno Battistoli

Interview by Catherine Krawiec

FDU welcomes the newest assistant professor of journalism, Dr. Bruno F. Battistoli, to the University College: Arts • Sciences • Professional Studies at the Metropolitan Campus.

FDU: Tell us about your new position…

BB: My position is Assistant Professor of Journalism in the School of Art and Media Studies. I am responsible for teaching courses in journalism and related disciplines in the communication field. This semester and next I am teaching News Writing and Ethics in the Media. In the spring I will also be teaching a course on Feature Writing, which will replace the Research Methods course I am teaching this semester. 

FDU: What sparked your passion in this field?

BB: My passion for journalism is long-standing, and began at an early age with an interest in national and international events. The 2000 presidential election was particularly inspiring to me, as it showed, perhaps more than any election before in our time, the difference one vote, or one voice, can make. 

FDU: What is something that you would like to contribute to FDU?

BB: I would like to contribute to the expansion, growth and recognition of the journalism program at FDU. I am taking volunteers from my three classes to a U.N. briefing. The relationship between Fairleigh Dickinson and the U.N. runs deep, and has been cultivated by many here on campus. I am also the faculty advisor for The Equinox (the Metropolitan Campus’ student newspaper). We have undertaken a complete redesign of the paper, and so far it seems to have been well received. We are attracting more writers, and I believe it has a bright future.

FDU: What is something that you hope your students will take away from your class? 

BB: I hope that students take away from my classes a passion for journalism and the belief that they can make a difference in the world by practicing it. We have proposed a new convergent journalism minor, and I believe it will be attractive to both new and current students. We hope to heighten the visibility of our program, particularly in the New York Metro market, in order to enhance and increase the prospects for internships and employment in the media marketplace.

FDU: Tell us more about this convergent journalism minor…

BB: Convergent journalism is journalism produced for a variety of platforms including traditional print, online, broadcast, and social media. The proposal that Karen Buzzard (editors note: professor of communication arts, University College) and I have sent to Dean Patti Mills for a Convergent Journalism minor seeks to take those resources, offered in different departments, and consolidate them in one minor that offers effective training in the media skills of today and tomorrow. The proposal is presently under consideration by the committee that reviews new curriculum. It was our intention and hope that the program start in Fall 2014, so that our admissions department can inform prospective students about it now, and current students have the chance to enroll in it.

FDU: What is something that most people wouldn’t know about you?

BB: Few people know that I am a classically trained pianist and can play both the upright and electric bass. I am also a certified open water scuba diver.

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