Spotlight on new faculty: Q&A with Sarah Ibrahim

Spotlight on new faculty: Q&A with Sarah Ibrahim 

Interview by Catherine Krawiec
Photo by Dan Landau 

FDU welcomes Sarah Ibrahim, the newest assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences in the School of Pharmacy at the College at Florham. 

FDU: Tell us about your new position…

SI: I am currently an assistant professor in the pharmaceutical sciences department in the School of Pharmacy. My field of expertise is drug delivery; which is the design of dosage forms that will deliver the drug to the site of action in a patient at the right concentration and at the right time.

FDU: What sparked your passion in this field?

SI: During my early years of pharmacy school I was intrigued by the many different dosage forms we were studying. I had a passion for understanding why we need so many different delivery systems and different techniques in order to work with our body’s natural mechanisms. You are literally transforming a chemical entity to a deliverable finished product, but always keeping the patient’s adherence and acceptability of the dosage system as a priority. 

FDU: Explain a little more about your interest in dosage forms?

SI: I got involved and passionate about transdermal dosage forms during my PhD at the University of Cincinnati because my advisor, Kevin Li, allowed me to take initiative in a study. Transdermal dosage forms are particularly interesting because of how challenging they are to be translated into an effective dosage form. Skin’s main function is to behave as a barrier membrane, preventing exogenous agents from entering the human body. When delivering a drug across skin, we are asking the skin to do the exact opposite if its normal function. The future of transdermal dosage forms is in the hands of scientists; they need to come up with innovative techniques to over come the barrier function of the skin and expand the portfolio of transdermal delivery systems. 

FDU: What is something that you would like to contribute to FDU?

SI: Being a former research and development scientist in the pharmaceutical industry I am hoping I can bring in my experience in industry to expand the role of pharmacists that is much needed. I would like to have the School of Pharmacy acknowledged by the surrounding pharmaceutical companies as a method for continuing education for their employees as well.

FDU: What is something that you hope your students will take away from your class?

SI: Our students are tomorrow’s pharmacists, and the effort we dedicate is to prepare them for the scientific challenges that lie ahead. My classes in particular are focused on providing the students with basic pharmaceutical sciences; foundations that they will continue to build on and apply regardless of the field they will pursue. But above all, my students will come out of my class with the confidence that they are the future pharmacists!

FDU: What is something that most people wouldn’t know about you?

SI: I practice all my lectures with my seven year old son, Adam!

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