A conversation with Mavis Maloney, of Wroxton College

Interview by Dan Landau and Andrew Rose
Photo by Andrew Rose

Mavis Maloney has been working as a waitress at Wroxton College for almost three decades and the Banbury resident has seen a lot of changes to the college over the years. 

FDU: What did you do before you started working at Wroxton? 
MM: Worked in an orthopedic ward for 30 years and 10 more years while at Wroxton. 

FDU: What are some of the changes you have seen take place at the college over the past 30 years? 
MM: One of the biggest changes was when all the student bedrooms were renovated and into en-suite (Editors’ note: en-suite is a Britishism meaning the bathroom is in the bedroom). Also, the Regency Room looks better than ever now that it’s got the new chandelier. 

FDU: As an English person, what is it like to work with American students? 
MM: Not much different to English students. 

FDU: What have you learned from working with American students? 
MM: I have learnt that they cannot live without their mobile phones at any meal times. 

FDU: What is your favorite Wroxton memory? 
MM: Two weddings that I worked on. The two brides I worked with as young girls.  

FDU: What does it feel like to work in a study abroad campus?
MM: I love working with so many students as my son and grandchildren are living in the States. Some of the students live very close to them so I have the option of meeting up when I am on holiday in New Jersey. 

FDU: What is one “insider tip” you would like to share with future Wroxton students to help them prepare for the experience? 
MM: I would say work hard and then enjoy all the trips and you will see a lot of interesting places. 

FDU: Anything else you would like to share? 
MM: After all the years I’ve worked at the college, I still enjoy the drive through the gates to the Abbey. Sunshine and the snow. The grounds and buildings are fabulous.  

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