A conversation with Jean Robinson, of Wroxton College

Interview by Dan Landau and Andrew Rose
Photo by Andrew Rose

Wroxton students looking for someone to talk to know they needn’t go farther than Jean Robinson, a part-time night receptionist at the college. A favorite among students and alumni alike, Robinson has been a member of the Wroxton College family since 2001.

FDU: Where are you from? 
JR: I live in Chacombe, a lovely little village about 8-10 miles away but I’m originally from Lancashire in the north of England. 

FDU: What do students come to you for at Wroxton? 
JR: Advice about England and Edinburgh, Paris etc. Sometimes just to chat which I feel is important to a young person away from home—that’s how we find out if they’re home-sick. 

FDU: What did you do before you started working at Wroxton? 
JR: I was a legal accountant. 

FDU: As an English person, what is it like to work with American students? 
JR: Learning about the US is important and their life over there. I thoroughly enjoy working and getting to know them. 

FDU: What have you learned from working with American students?
JR: Insight into my own character. I hope I have been of help to the students – many of whom have become close friends.   

FDU: What is your favorite Wroxton memory? 
JR: Many to choose from. The best I think was when I had a call from a town about 12 miles away to say a lady had locked herself into the ladies toilet at Wroxton! The poor woman had called her friend as she didn’t have our telephone number. 

FDU: What does it feel like to work in a study abroad campus? 
JR: I miss them when they go home very much but do enjoy getting to know new ones when they arrive. 

FDU: What is one “insider tip” you would like to share with future Wroxton students to help them prepare for the experience? 
JR: Don’t get despondent and if you do, come and share your concerns with a member of staff. We are always here to listen.

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