International love story has roots at FDU

World-travelers and FDU alums Corina Tudose Angelova and Konstantin Angelov smile on their wedding day (left) and on University Honors Research Day in Jeepers, located in Alumni Hall on the Metropolitan Campus. (Photos by Ivan Kirov and Dmitry Lavnik)

By Kenna Caprio


Two Eastern Europeans who traveled halfway around the world to attend college just happened to meet and fall in love with one another in the process.


Though Metropolitan Campus alumni Konstantin Angelov and Corina Tudose Angelova can’t exactly remember when they met, they agree it was likely during International Student Orientation or an early finance class.


“I never thought that I would find my soul mate in college. But I did. I can’t imagine my college experience without Konstantin,” says Tudose Angelova, originally of Romania.


Coincidentally, the 2008 graduates picked Fairleigh Dickinson University for some of the same reasons: the reputation of Silberman College of Business, the emphasis on global education and the offer of financial support.


“FDU has given me a lot of knowledge, experience and fun memories, but the best thing by far was the opportunity to meet and get close to my wife,” says Angelov, a native of Bulgaria.


From the start, Angelov and Tudose Angelova, were friends. Then, in the summer of 2006, they ended up as roommates. Tudose was preparing to move back onto campus in the fall to be a residence advisor (RA) just as Konstantin and his roommates were in the market for a summer renter. Maybe it was fate. “Our friendship grew throughout the next year and it culminated in us becoming a couple shortly after the SGA (Student Government Association) Gala of 2007. The rest is history,” says Angelov.


The rest of their time on campus was peppered with romantic moments.


“I was returning to campus from the two-day camping trip (for orientation program assistants) when I saw Konstantin sitting in front of Northpointe (Residence Hall). He looked so happy to see me, and as I walked towards him full of smiles, he pulled a pink rose from behind his back and said, ‘Welcome home,’ and gave me a kiss,” says Tudose Angelova.


Angelov’s romantic streak manifested itself again in a big way when he proposed to Corina in 2010.


“Konstantin proposed to me in the Shakespeare Garden in Central Park by decorating the whole garden with candles and lanterns, and spelling out the ‘big question’ with candles on the pavement,” she says.


The couple married on July 2, 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since then, life has been a whirlwind.


“Over the last two years, we managed to move out of Hackensack, move to Montreal, get married in Europe, travel to Asia, sell two businesses, start two new ones and Corina is about to finish her MBA,” says Angelov. “We like to keep ourselves busy.”


Tudose Angelova runs the health, fitness and nutrition website while Angelov is an entrepreneur and online marketing consultant.


Despite their busy lifestyle, the couple stays connected by making extra time to experience new adventures together.


“We like to make at least one fun trip to a country we have never been to before once a year. Since both of us work quite a lot, this is our way to make sure we spend time with each other and relax,” Tudose Angelova says.


Harkening back to those international roots may just preserve their global education and happy marriage.


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