Spotlight on New Faculty—a Q&A with Professor Erick Lorenzana

Interview by Jenny Connell

FDU welcomes Erick Lorenzana, a lecturer and associate director for the International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Lorenzana hopes to share with his students his expertise in the field of revenue management in hospitality.

FDU: Tell us about your new position…

EL: I am currently the associate director of the International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the College at Florham as well as a senior lecturer. I primarily teach and advise our undergraduate seniors and graduate students and ensure they receive the best hospitality education possible. I also lead our educational efforts with Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, offering their associates an opportunity to receive either a bachelor of arts or a masters of science degree in hospitality. 

FDU: What sparked your passion in this field?

EL: While I was an undergraduate student in Miami, a friend of the family was the general manager of a Marriott hotel and asked if I was looking for work while I was studying full-time. It just happened that I was looking for other full-time work because I was not happy at my previous employment. After about a week on the job, I knew that hospitality was the career I wanted to pursue. 

FDU: What is something that you would like to contribute to FDU? 

EL: My field of expertise is revenue management, which is a relatively new discipline in the hospitality industry and has really blossomed within the last 10 years. In a nutshell, revenue management is selling the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price. My goal is to bring this knowledge to FDU's hospitality students and prepare them for this ever-critical role in hospitality organizations. 

FDU: What do you want your students to walk away with from your class?

EL: My greatest desire is that my students walk away believing in themselves and knowing that they can become whatever they want in this life. I want them to know that they can accomplish much in their hospitality careers if they have integrity, work hard, and continuously acquire knowledge. This recipe will prepare them to be successful in whatever career path they choose to pursue. It is all up to them!

FDU: What is something that most people wouldn’t know about you? 

EL:  Hmm, that's actually a very tough question. I am a pretty boring guy, just ask my wife. Something that most people would not know about me is that I love to watch movies portraying late 19th century culture and society in England (e.g. Downton Abbey). Call me old fashion but I enjoy watching the proper etiquette and mannerisms that existed during that era coupled with their elegant clothing and centuries old mansions. See...I told you I was boring.

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