A conversation with Dr. Angela Morris, of Wroxton College

Interview by Dan Landau; photo by Art Petrosemolo

A fixture at Wroxton College since 1995, Angela Morris teaches British history and social policy. She spent five years living in the Abbey as the tutor-in-residence (a job now held by Dr. Charles Garrity). Her classes, “Britain in the Modern Era,” “Women and Race in Modern Britain,” and "Social Policy in Contemporary Britain” are a special treat for students hopping across the pond to study abroad at Wroxton. 

FDU: How did you come to be interested in teaching history and social policy?

Angela Morris: My mother hails from Hawarden, the village in north Wales that continues to be the home of the Gladstone family.  I grew up hearing the Gladstone name long before I knew anything of the man.  Inevitably, that led to an interest in Victorian political history.  My interest in social issues I must credit to a passionate and wonderful schoolteacher; she inspired a number of my contemporaries who, like me, now teach the subject.

FDU: What is it like to teach a whole new class of students each semester?

AM: Each semester students bring their own take on a subject and that keeps it fresh and alive.  I learn so much from my students every semester.

FDU: What is the one thing that you want each of your students to come away with from your classes? 

AM: As well as a thorough understanding of the subject, I hope that I can enthuse and inspire a student to keep looking at a subject when they return to the States, whether it be by making a comparison between the US and UK health care systems, or studying the American suffragette movement as a complement to the British suffragette movement we examine in class. 

FDU: The toughest part of your job is…

AM: Saying goodbye to the students after fifteen weeks.

FDU: The most rewarding part of your job is… 

AM: When a student tells me how much they have enjoyed the course and when they get in contact after they return home to let me know they are continuing their studies in something we’ve looked at while they were here.

FDU: Your favorite Wroxton memory…

AM: Too many to mention! The trips, the fascinating tutorial discussions, the hilarious talent shows, the brilliant guest speakers, I could go on and on!

FDU: What is it like to teach for an American university in the heart of England?

AM: What it is like to teach bright, enthusiastic undergraduates in a beautiful Jacobean abbey in the glorious English countryside? I have a great job and I am very lucky.


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