A conversation with Andrew Rose, of Wroxton College

Interview by Dan Landau

Recent students at FDU’s Wroxton College know Andrew Rose, the College’s affable librarian. A member of the Wroxton College family since 2012, he is known among students for being remarkably helpful and always going the extra mile to help students with their research. 

FDU: Where are you from? 
AR: I grew up in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 

FDU: What did you do before you started working at Wroxton? 
AR: I worked at a college library in Guildford, Surrey. In a funny coincidence, my desk at Wroxton is in the Guilford library. The college was very “outdoorsy.” We had courses in garden design, floristry, tree surgery and animal care. Prior to that I worked in London for a bit and before that I was at university and school. 
(Editor’s note: the term “college” in Britain usually refers to a school that is roughly equivalent to American vocational high schools.)

FDU: What do students come to you for at Wroxton? 
AR: Mostly for help finding books and material for their papers. I also accompany the students on some of the trips.

FDU: As an English person, what is it like to work with American students? 
AR: I really enjoy it. The students are always friendly. 

FDU: What have you learned from working with American students? 
AR: All sorts. There seem to be a lot of snacks in the U.S., which we don’t have here. Also some of the students pull ‘all nighters’ when working on their papers. That’s something I could never have done when I was a student. I need my sleep too much.

FDU: What does it feel like to work in a study abroad campus where the students change every semester? 
AR: It’s nice to meet a new group of students but it’s always sad to say goodbye when they leave. 

FDU: What is one “insider tip” you would like to share with future Wroxton students to help them prepare for the experience? 
AR: Never be late for a trip, otherwise the bus will leave without you. 

FDU: Anything else you would like to share? 
AR: Wroxton is a great place to study and work. It’s certainly the best library I’ve ever worked in and the view of the back lawn from my desk is far better than the view of a photocopier I had in my last job.  

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