Shakespeare Re-Dressed: Cross-Gender Casting in Contemporary Performance
Edited by James C. Bulman

About the Editor:
James C. Bulman is the Henry B. and Patricia Bush Tippie Chair in English at Allegheny College.

The past two decades have seen unprecedented growth in the cross-gender casting of Shakespeare’s plays—men playing women, women playing men, and both playing roles regendered for the opposite sex. Such casting has been fueled by a revolution in the way spectators view gender in Western societies. Influenced by the same cultural forces that gave rise to feminism and queer theory, contemporary Shakespeare performances have foregrounded the artifice of gender construction and challenged audiences to question conventional beliefs about the nature of sexual desire, sexual orientation, and gendered behavior.

These essays are stunningly comprehensive in their consideration of cross-gender-cast Shakespare as it evolved over the past century. Theoretically informed yet grounded in the particularity of individual performances, they forge new connections between performance studies and gender theory and broach issues vital to anyone interested in Shakespeare.

Table of Contents


Introduction, James C. Bulman

Cross-Dressing, Drag, and Passing: Slippages in Shakespearean Comedy, Jennifer Drouin

Acting against the Rules: Remembering the Eroticism of the Shakespearean Boy Actress, Roberta Barker

Bringing Cheek by Jowl’s As You Like It Out of the Closet: The Politics of Queer Theater, James C. Bulman

Rosalind’s Breast, Cary M. Mazer

Unaccommodated Women: Mabou Mines’ Lear, the Universal, and the Particular in Performance, P. A. Skantze

Prospera’s Brave New World: Cross-Cast Oppression and the Four-Fold Player in the Georgia Shakespeare Festival’s Tempest, Andrew James Hartley

“A Queen in a Beard”: A Study of All-Female Shakespeare Companies, Melissa D. Aaron

Re-dressing the Balance: All -Female Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre, Elizabeth Klett

Constructing Femininity in the New Globe’s All-Male Antony and Cleopatra, Robert Conkie

Performing Gender at the Globe: The Technologies of the Cross-Dressed Actor, Judith Rose

Unsex Me Here: Male Cross-Dressing at the New Globe, James C. Bulman



ISBN 978-0-8386-4114-9

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