Monsters In and Among Us
Edited by Caroline Joan (Kay) Picart and Cecil Greek

About the Editors:
Caroline Joan (Kay) Picart is currently an Associate Professor of English and Courtesy Associate Professor of Law at Florida State University.

Cecil Greek is Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida State University.

What prompts this anthology is an explosion of books and films that link violence, images of “monstrosity,” and Gothic modes of narration and visualization in American popular culture, academia, and even public policy. As Mark Edmundson notes, “Gothic conventions have slipped over into ostensibly nonfictional realms. Gothic is alive not just in Stephen King’s novels and Quentin Tarantino’s films, but in the media and renderings of our political discourse, in modes of therapy, on TV news, on talk shows like Oprah, in our discussions of AIDS and of the environment. American culture at large has become suffused with Gothic assumptions, with Gothic characters and plots.” Nevertheless, there have been few critical anthologies aimed at an interdisciplinary approach focusing specifically on the complex continuum of fact and fiction, involving a dialogue that moves across the humanities (film criticism, cultural studies, rhetoric) and the social services (communication, criminology, sociology) in exploring this phenomenon.


Introduction: Toward a Gothic Criminology
Caroline Joan (Kay) Picart and Cecil Greek

Bodies under Scandal: Civic Gothic as Genre
Edward J. Ingebretsen

“My, That’s a Big One”: Masculinity and Monstrosity in Dirty Harry
Davis W. Houck

Mother and Monster: The Rhetorical Structure of The Man Who Knew Too Much
Thomas Benson

The Substance Abuse Film and the Gothic: Typology, Narrative, and Hallucination
Jason Grant McKahan

Making a Killing in the Marketplace: Incorporation as a Monstrous Process
Pat Gill

The Big City Rouge Cop as Monster: Images of NYPD and LAPD
Cecil Greek

Gothic Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy
Raymond Surette

The Compulsions of Real/Reel Serial Killers and Vampires: Toward a Gothic Criminology
Caroline Joan (Kay) Picart and Cecil Greek

Profiling the Terrorist as a Mass Murder
Caroline Joan (Kay) Picart and Cecil Greek

Notes on Contributors

ISBN 978-0-8386-4159-0

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