The Development of Albert Camus's Concern for Social and Political Justice
Mark Orme

About the Author:
Dr. Mark Orme is Principal Lecturer in Languages and International Studies at the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom, where he teaches in the areas of Contemporary French Society and Culture, Translation and Existentialist Literature. He was educated at the University of Lancaster (BA Honors, French Studies, 1991) and Leicester (PGCE, Modern Languages, and TESOL, 1992) in the UK, and obtained his doctorate for a thesis on Camus from Lancaster University in 2000.

The ideal of justice has preoccupied innumerable philosophers, political scientists, and moral theorists over the ages and, today, the subject remains fundamental to ethical debate. The French intellectual Albert Camus (1913-1960) is a man whose life was devoted to justice, yet that devotion, which has not yet been significantly analyzed by critics, underwent significant changes in the different phases of his life and under pressure of external events. The aim of this book is to explore the reality of Camus as a man imbued with the ideal of justice, as exemplified in the whole range of his nonfictional writings that relate to the subject, against the background of the historico-political and moral challenges of the mid-twentieth century. Chronological in character, the book seeks to evaluate the evolution of Camusís lifelong preoccupation with sociopolitical justice, as expressed in a range of nonfictional genres (essays, journalism, articles, speeches, notebooks, and personal correspondence), where the writerís own concerns come directly to the fore.

This book is the first in-depth account in English of the development of Camusís concern for justice as a moral problematic within the sociopolitical sphere. It will be of interest to students, researchers, and lecturers of French studies, politics, social history, and philosophy who require an understanding of how contemporary leading French intellectuals responded to the moral and political challenges in the mid-twentieth century created by both internal and international upheaval. The work is also intended to act as a core text for more specialized modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels exploring French Existentialism from literary, philosophical, and sociopolitical perspectives.

ISBN 978-0-8386-4110-1

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