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Interview with Leora Lev Editor of Enter at Your Own Risk: The Dangerous Art of Dennis Cooper

Interview with Jan Hokenson Author of The Idea of Comedy: History, Theory, Critique

Interview with Peter J. Bailey Author of Rabbit (UN) Redeemed: The Drama of Belief in John Updike’s Fiction

Interview with Stephen Spotte Author of Zoos in Postmodernism: Signs and Simulation

Interview with Stylianos (Stelios) Perrakis Author of The Ghosts of Plaka Beach: A True Story of Murder and Retribution in Wartime Greece

Interview with Bat Ye'or Author of Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis

Interview with Nita Schechet Author of Narrative Fissures: Reading and Rhetoric

Interview with Monica Matei-Chesnoiu Author of Shakespeare in the Romanian Cultural Memory

Interview with Allison Hayes-Conroy Author of South Jersey Under the Stars: Essays on Culture, Agriculture, and Place

Interview with James Hirsh Author of Shakespeare and the History of Soliloquies

Interview with Burt Kimmelman Author of The “Winter Mind”: William Bronk and American Letters

Interview with Rita C. Cavigioli Author of Women of a Certain Age: Contemporary Italian Fictions of Female Aging

Interview with Edward S. Cooper Author of William Babcock Hazen: The Best Hated Man

Interview with Claude Cernuschi Author of Re/Casting Kokoschka: Ethics and Aesthetics, Epistemology and Politics in Fin-de-siècle Vienna

Interview with Wiley Feinstein Author of The Civilization of the Holocaust: Poets, Artists, Anti-Semites

Interview with Mimi Gisolfi D’Aponte Author and Translator of Theater Neapolitan Style: Five One-Act Plays, by Eduardo De Filippo

Interview with Walter M. Kimbrough Author of Black Greek 101: Black Greek 101: The Culture, Customs, and Challenges of Black Fraternitites and Sororities

Behind-the-Scenes with Mark Cumming Editor of The Carlyle Encyclopedia

A Conversation About the Art of Interviewing with Sylvia Skaggs McTague Editor of Muse Upon My Shoulder

A Discussion With Martino Marazzi Author of Voices of Italian America: A History of Early Italian American Literature with a Critical Anthology

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