William Worth Belknap: An American Disgrace
Edward S. Cooper

About the Author:
Edward S. Cooper received his B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Drexel University. He co-founded Macro Corporation in 1968, a company that quickly established a national and international reputation by providing computer consulting services to the electric utility and transportation industries. He retired in 1996 and is satisfying his long-term desire to thoroughly research and write biographies. He is the author of Vinnie Ream: An American Sculptor and is currently working on a biography of William Babcock Hazen. He lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

William Worth Belknap (1829-1890), the son of an active duty war hero, grew up in a household dominated by women. When he went to Princeton to study, his mother and sisters lived just off campus. When he married, his mother and sisters moved into his house. During the Civil War he demonstrated his ability to lead troops and displayed personal heroism. President Grant, who knew Belknap's father, appointed him Secretary of War. Belknap's wife died during the war and he married Carrie, a strong, domineering, and determined woman. When they moved to Washington, they lived in grand style. They had the finest mansion, the best china, liveried coachmen, and provided elaborate receptions for 1,200 guests. His wife vied with the other wives of Cabinet members and the aristocracy of Washington society for the title of "Queen of Society." Carrie easily won the contest. When Carrie died, Belknap married her sister, Amanda who spent even more lavishly than Carrie. She too was named "Queen" by the society pages. After six years the truth became known: Belknap's lifestyle was subsidized by accepting bribes. He ignominiously resigned his office but was still impeached by the House of Representatives.

This first ever biography of Belknap utilizes previously untapped manuscripts, correspondence, governmental records, and law journals collected from various locations around the country.

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ISBN 0-8386-3990-9, Price $60.00

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